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Welcome to My name is Rhys Arnold.

This web gallery is a place where from time to time I will display augmented reality images that you may want to view or download.
The original Helix site (then named Radion44) was created in 2002 and had gradually been left to stagnate on the web. In 2004 I undertook a major facelift for the site but it never made it out the door. The site worked ok in “non-standard” browsers but it was too much of a chore to get the DHTML and CSS working correctly with IE6 - I eventually decided to let the whole project lapse. It is now 2010 (and the world has moved on from IE6) so I decided to re-work the site again, albeit in a much less complex fashion.
I hope you get as much pleasure out of the images as I did while making them. I have particular favourite’s which I have re-worked several times (most notably Kaitawa and Strands). Some of the older images displayed are possibly a bit cringe-worthy now, however, I have left them on the site for completeness (I dumped the really bad images). The website does not contain everything I have done. I will publish other images over time.

You are free to take a personal copy of the images on this site subject to the terms of the Creative Commons Licence.  If you wish to use the images commercially, you will need to contact me and we will need to agree on appropriate compensation. If your commercial interest is contrary to my own ethics, I will not under any circumstances agree to any of my work being used (you have been warned!)

And now for something different.... at one stage I thought the site should have some music (well, at least, some structured noise). So with great thanks to Apple's Garageband I have also included a couple of (incomplete) MP3's of a couple of song ideas in progress. These are not released under Creative Commons.
Song Fragment 1 - Walk Alone (1’41”) (c) Rhys Arnold 2005
Mellow song featuring the good old 1980’s drum machine sound.
Song Fragment 2 - The Adventure Begins (0’58”) (c) Rhys Arnold 2005
Jangly guitars, drums, strings and ethnic “hey’s” - what more could you want in a song! This was the start of a suite I was writing based on the novel “Life of Pi” (Yann Martel)